Spring Hope 7 Lot Subdivison

This 12.5 acre property was portion of a larger 200-acre acquisition in Spring Hope NC. We recognized that the Spring Hope area was experiencing growth, but we were uncertain how much demand existed for smaller homesites. This portion of the property had the most suitable soils for homesites while being on a smaller portion of the overall property. Our goal was to test the market with smaller, 1.5-2.5 acre tracts, to help us determine how to subdivide the remaining acreage.

Project Highlights

  • Lot Size Optimization: We tailored the lot sizes to maximize the use of suitable soils and accommodate an existing farmhouse on the property. The subdivision maximized the number of by-right lots we could create within the regulations of the current zoning of the property. This allowed us to expedite the review and approval of the subdivision and avoided rezoning the property.
  • Market Testing: The quick sale of the smaller lots confirmed strong market demand, offering essential data for determining how to best subdivide and develop the remaining acreage. 

The Spring Hope NC project highlights our ability to conduct effective market testing within a strategic framework. By optimizing lot sizes and leveraging the best available land, we’ve gained crucial insights that will guide the development of the remainder of the property.